Beds & Bedroom Furniture

A wide range of styles, sizes and colours to suit all tastes and budget.


Divans come in a wide range of styles, sizes and colours to harmonise your décor.  Storage options are available to optimise your space.
Prices start at £199


Finish your bed in style with one of our range of designer headboards.
Prices from £69.00


We know how important it is to find your perfect mattress. A good quality mattress promotes a deeper sleep which in turn allows you to wake up feeling refreshed and rested.
Prices start at £99

Bed Frames

We have a wide selection of bed frames, ranging from traditional wooden beds to elegant metal beds and children’s bunk beds.
Prices start at £169

Guest Beds / Folding Beds / Sofa Beds

Host your family and friends overnight with one of our guest beds or sofa beds. Discover our selection of ranges in various styles which can be tailored to your personal requirements.
Prices start at £299

Bedroom Furniture

Here at Blacks of Brechin we have a vast selection of bedroom furniture to compliment any style of bedroom.
Prices start at £149, we can also offer some fabulous discounts for package deals on selected ranges.

You’ll find a great selection of furniture and flooring in our modern, bright and attractive showroom.